Uman isn’t exactly

Uman isn’t exactly jumping for joy when it comes to traveling. She’d rather just blink and magically appear wherever she needs to be. But despite her dislike for travel, her life has been a whirlwind of movement.

A Life of Moving Around

Picture this: Uman was born in Somalia back in 1980. But the Somali Civil War had other plans for her and her family, so they had to pack up and leave when she was just nine. They ended up settling in Denmark when she hit 13. Fast forward to the 2000s, and you’ll find her in New York City, selling her artwork on the streets around Union Square. But the city that never sleeps wasn’t her vibe, so she headed upstate in 2010.

Her Sanctuary: The Studio

Despite her nomadic life, there’s one place where Uman feels totally at ease: her studio. She calls it her fortress, and it’s where her latest exhibition, “Darling sweetie, sweetie darling,” is lighting up the walls at Hauser & Wirth London.

A Splash of Color

Uman’s exhibition is like a rainbow exploded in the gallery, and it’s all inspired by her childhood memories of Kenya. Growing up, she was surrounded by vibrant sights and sounds, and it shows in her artwork.

Connected Creations

Each painting in Uman’s exhibition is like a piece of a puzzle, fitting together in its own unique way. You’ll notice patterns like layered shapes and spirals inspired by Arabic calligraphy. And those deep blues? They’re a nod to the endless skies of Uman’s home and studio.

Art from the Heart

When it comes to painting, Uman lets her heart lead the way. It’s all about following her gut, reacting to the world around her, and pouring her emotions onto the canvas. As a transgender artist, she sees her paintings as a reflection of herself and her journey.

Her Unique Process

Uman’s painting process is as personal as it gets. She likes to get her hands dirty, stretching her own canvases and experimenting with different techniques. And forget about priming the canvas – she likes to keep things raw and real.

What’s Next?

Even with all her success, Uman stays grounded. She’s still got that struggling artist mentality, always striving to push the boundaries of her creativity. As she continues to evolve as an artist, one thing’s for sure: her work will always be bursting with color and emotion.

In a nutshell, Uman’s journey from street corners to gallery walls is a testament to her talent, resilience, and passion for her craft.